Pick-n-Pull - $200.00/load

For those who wish to save some money, buy a level pickup truck load
of cut-to-size logs and split your own wood.   These logs are generally
18" to 24" in length, and with varying diameters.   At $200.00 per pickup truck, loaded to the top of your truck bed.

Need less logs?  No problem.  Purchase single full logs at $10 each.

Pick-n-Pull Rules:

  • You may not climb on the wood pile
  • You must use caution and good judgment
  • The company is not responsible for injury to yourself or others,
    or damage to your vehicle or other property
  • You assume all liability during the Pick & Pull process
  • You release and hold harmless the company, its employees,
    officers, and workers for any mishap, accident or problem that occurs, to person or property

With either full-log option you will need to sign a waiver/release
allowing you to pick and handle the logs you wish.


If you don't want to deal with entire logs, we have many other more traditional firewood options as well.

  • Buy split and seasoned firewood.  We sell stacked and shrink-wrapped pallets in 1/4 cord, 1/2 cord, and full cord increments.  
  • Buy by-the-piece.
  • By the bundle (5 pieces).
  • Short logs (8" to 16").
  • Chiminea firewood.
  • Kindling.

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