About Discount Firewood

Discount Firewood has been serving the DFW Metroplex since 1972. 

We deliver firewood to your home, or you can pick up at our NW Dallas facility. 


We specialize in reliable, split, seasoned firewood at a reasonable price. 

We believe in service, and have staff present to take your calls, answer your questions, and assist in delivery or loading your vehicle!  


REGULAR FIREWOOD: You can either purchase our firewood by the piece (stick), or by the quarter (1/4), half (1/2) or full cord, cut to approximately 18"-24" lengths.  Our firewood is sourced locally and may contain oak, pecan, hickory, mesquite and other hardwoods, but we do not seperate by type of wood.

SHORT LOGS: Are 18”-24” pieces too long? No problem. We also offer
"short-firewood', and sell it by the 1/4 cord. “Short-firewood” is cut shorter
than 16" in length, and is made for smaller fireplaces.


In addition, we offer small wood for confined fire pits, such as in chimineas,
pot belly stoves and other indoor wood burning ovens. We sell this smaller
stove wood by the (decorative) bucket/tub, which is included with your purchase, and is refillable later at a discount.


PACKAGING AND LOADING:  We optionally shrink-wrap our cords and partial cords, for easy measurement (so you know you are actually receiving the quantity you are paying for), as well as easy loading and handling into your pickup truck or trailer.  If you have a vehicle that can't be loaded with a pallet, no problem - we will hand load your firewood in whatever vehicle you have available.  


Give us a call and reserve your firewood today!