We Deliver Firewood to Your HomeAt Discount Firewood we do it 

If you wish to have your firewood delivered and stacked at your residence or business, we can take care of it for you!

Delivery + Stacking

For one all-in price we will deliver and stack your firewood where you
need it placed.
Call us at 972-831-8184 with your address so that we
may provide you with a quote to deliver and stack your firewood.

Save time and money by planning where you want your firewood to be stacked so that it is efficient for the delivery person to do so.  

Environmental conditions that could impact the stacking fee
* Distance beyond 50' between the unloading point and stacking location.
* Uneven surfaces or obstacles in reaching the stacking location (steps, flights of stairs, narrow passage ways, etc.).

By making a purchase from Discount Firewood (DF)/Soil Building Systems, Inc, (SBS), you are certifying
that you accept full and total responsibility and liability for related property damage and/or personal
injury to yourself or others sustained while you and your party is on the DF/SBS yard; while firewood is being loaded into your vehicle, or while DF/SBS is on your property during a delivery attempt. You
explicity take responsibility for any resulting losses, citations, fines, impoundments, tickets, damage to property, damage to person, during transporting, moving, stacking, accessing or traversing the property, or using the material received, and hereby release and imdemnify DF/SBS, its owners, officers, employees, contractors, and agents from all liability, and agree to hold these parties harmless.