Premium Firewood Products

At Discount Firewood we do it right, by producing a full line of firewood related products.  Pick-up at our facility or we are happy to deliver and stack it for you at your home.  Firewood for any purpose, including full-sized fireplaces that can accommodate full-sized firewood, to bot belly stoves,to a campfire, to cooking on the smoker, to the more modest apartment
fireplace or chiminea - WE'VE GOT IT ALL!

Cords of Firewood

We split and age the native wood collected in and around the DFW Metroplex, so that it is seasoned and ready for your fireplace.  Varying lengths up to 24".

* Full Cord:           $395
* Half Cord:          $290
* Quarter Cord:   $180

We have employees standing by to help load your firewood into your vehicle.

Don't need that much firewood?  Alternatively, you can purchase smaller quantiites, including firewood sold by the bundle (approximately 4-5 pieces in a .75 cubic foot bag). 

Optionally we an shrinkwrap your firewood on a pallet for an additional $35 fee per pallet, for easy loading onto a flatbed trailer or pickup truck bed.  This option also allows for streamlined and secure transportation to your home. 

dual firewood pieces.

Firewood Bundle - $8  (per .75 cubic foot bag)

Need a little but not a whole lot?  Grab a bundle or two.  These are pre-packaged bundles of approximately 5 individual firewood pieces. 


Chiminea Firewood - $19 (per .75 cubic foot bag)

We offer smaller firewood pieces that are more appropriately sized to be used with chimineas, pot belly stoves and other fireplaces having smaller wood-loading openings.   Call ahead for availability.


Short Length Logs - $255 per ¼-cord

We offer smaller sized firewood that is geared towards small-mouth fire
pits, chimineas, and wood burning stoves.  The Short Length Logs are generally 8"-16" in length.  Call ahead for availability.


Kindling - $7.50 (per .75 cubic foot bag)

Need some help getting the fire started?  We've got kindling makes the job
much easier.  Ideal for campouts, or when used with other potbelly stoves or fireplaces where no fire ignition apparatus is available.

Plastic Tarp - $1.50 per linear foot

Wish not to get your vehicle dirty?  We've got you covered (or tarped). 
Just tell us how many linear feet of plastic tarp you need and we'll cut
you off a piece to line your auto.  The tarp is 10' wide, so just a few linear
feet, at $1 per linear foot, can go a long way.

By making a purchase from Discount Firewood (DF)/Soil Building Systems, Inc, (SBS), you are certifying that you accept full and total responsibility and liability for related property damage and/or personal injury to yourself or others sustained while you and your party is on the DF/SBS yard; while firewood is being loaded into your vehicle, or while DF/SBS is on your property during a delivery attempt. You explicity take responsibility for any resulting losses, citations, fines, impoundments, tickets, damage to property, damage to person, during transporting, moving, stacking, accessing or traversing the property, or using the material received, and hereby release and imdemnify DF/SBS, its owners, officers, employees, contractors, and agents from all liability, and agree to hold these parties harmless..