We split and age mixed native woods collected in and around the
DFW Metroplex, so that it is seasoned and ready for your fireplace. 
Your firewood may contain oak, pecan, hickory, mesquite, among other species.  The length of firewood pieces vary up to 24".  

  • Full Cord:             $395
  • Half Cord:            $290
  • Quarter Cord:    $180

We have staff on hand that will happily help load your vehicle to ensure you are able to carry the firewood you have purcahsed.  

Alternatively you can schedule your firewood to be delivered and stacked at your residence by our firewood delivery personnel, or you can simply purchase smaller quantiites, including our firewood bundles (approx 4-5 pieces in a .75 cubic foot bag).

We also offer shrinkwrapped pallets of firewood for an additional $35 fee per pallet.  


It is your responsibility to ensure your own vehicle is not overloaded; your load is properly secured; and you have the skills needed to transport your load to your destination, as you will be responsible for any resulting damage and/or liability, regardless of who loads your vehicle.


If you don't need such large quantities or have requirements for shorter firewood, we offer smaller quantities and sizes as well.  

  • By the bundle (approx 4-5 pieces: .75 cubic foot bag)
  • Short logs (8" to 16")
  • Chiminea firewood (per .75 cubic foot bag)
  • Kindling (per .75 cubic foot bag)
  • Unsplit logs


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By making a purchase from Discount Firewood (DF)/Soil Building Systems, Inc, (SBS), you are certifying that you accept full and total responsibility and liability for related property damage and/or personal injury to yourself or others sustained while you and your party is on the DF/SBS yard; while firewood is being loaded into your vehicle, or while DF/SBS is on your property during a delivery attempt. You explicity take responsibility for any resulting losses, citations, fines, impoundments, tickets, damage to property, damage to person, during transporting, moving, stacking, accessing or traversing the property, or using the material received, and hereby release and imdemnify DF/SBS, its owners, officers, employees, contractors, and agents from all liability, and agree to hold these parties harmless.