Need some help getting the fire started?  We’ve got just the thing to
make the job much easier.  Kindling is ideal for campouts, or just about any other fireplace where no ignition apparatus is available.

Kindling is offered in two sizes:

  • Bucket-O-Kindling:          $20.00 (includes bucket, when available)
  • Bag-O-Kindling:                $7.50 each (packaged in heavy plastic bag)


If you want to purchase larger quantities, or different sized material, 
we have many other options for you as well.

  • Buy full sized split firewood by the piece, or by the 5-piece bundle.
  • Buy full dimensional (18" - 24") split and seasoned firewood. 
    We sell stacked and shrink-
    wrapped pallets in 1/4 cord, 1/2 cord,
    and full cord increments. 
  • Chiminea firewood
  • Short Length Logs (6" - 16" length)
  • Full sized logs (unsplit)

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